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Welcome to my blog about the lifestyle adventures in store for baby boomers as we sail into uncharted waters. We’re the healthiest, wealthiest and longest lived generation so far.  We have questions but there’s not really anyone who’s gone ahead of us who can answer the concerns and the opportunities we have now. I hope you’ll join me often on this blogging adventure – who knows how it will unfold!

What’s this blog about?

We have questions, lots of them. Many of us are at the beginning of a big change in life.  Personally, I’m about to retire – from something, and to something else.  Have you ever given much thought to retirement and what it actually means?  I’d like to explore that issue a bit.

Have you noticed how your focus changes as you get older?  You probably no longer want to set the world on fire, or save it from itself.  But you probably also want to make a difference.  I no longer have the ambition for a career that I had even in my late 40’s.  But I do still have ambition.  See what I mean by a different focus?   There are lots of issues I’ve changed my focus on – some I have stopped focusing on altogether because they no longer seem important (like – does my bum look big in this?).

I don’t have the stamina I used to have.  I can’t mow the lawn all in one go, I can’t dig holes to plant trees as well as I used to.  Getting down on my hands and knees is an issue.  Squatting to pull up a weed is not even to be thought of.  But I’m amazed at how many ways there are of dividing up the lawn so that it still looks ok even if I don’t finish mowing it.  I’ve invented a way of getting up off the floor that is reasonably graceful.  Quite interesting to find new ways to do old chores.  I look forward to hearing from you how you cope differently with things as the body changes.

Food for Thought

Here are some of those questions I mentioned earlier

  • What does one do with all the time freed up by retirement?
  • What does one believe about what the doctor says?
  • Does that over the counter performance enhancer really work?
  • Do supplements work or not?
  • Are kids good or bad these days?
  • What is the world coming to?
  • What does everyone else think about (subject x)?
  • What can I expect as time passes?
  • Am I happy alone or should I go for a relationship?
  • What sort of relationship?
  • and a million other questions about politics, life, sex, religion …….

These things interest me a lot.  If they interest you too I hope you’ll come back and read this blog from time to time.  And I hope you’ll send me your comments too – and pictures and jokes and recipes and good ideas!  I’d love to hear from you!

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