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Jacaranda Season

When these trees start their leaves (the blossoms come before the leaves, which makes them so spectacular) the blossoms fall to the ground and it looks like a bit of sky has […]

Baby Boomer Towns - Brisbane, a great place to visit

There are some great places to holiday in – especially if you’re a baby boomer. Here’s one – […]

Want to be a Kalbarbarian?

They tell me that if you live in Kalbar you are known as a Kalbarbarian.  No passport needed though.  This friendly town is near Ipswich in S.E. Queensland and quite close to Boonah as well.  Is it another perfect baby boomer town?  Have a look, it’s a lovely area to visit.

It is situated in pretty […]

Kingscliff – Another Perfect Baby Boomer Town?

Looking for somewhere to retire? This might be the place if you like surf, sun and sand and a lovely ‘feel’ to a small town in […]

The Perfect Baby Boomer Town - Pomona, Queensland, Australia

Many of us baby boomers are looking for a sea change, or in this case a tree change. This is the perfect town – not too small and big enough to have everything. Physically active? Up the mountain you go. Culturally active? Sign here for painting or cooking […]