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Baby Boomer’s Guide to Love – I don’t want to be alone.

When that relationship ends for whatever reason we are left at 60 or so wondering what to do now. That’s where I’m at. Wondering if I want another relationship or not. […]

Learning, Learning – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Love

I really thought that after a couple of marriages, several relationships, much personal development, a healthy self image, a dose of confidence and the leavening of age that I could “get it right” this […]

Hello ... Who Am I? #7 in the baby boomer's guide to love

Who are you when meet someone for the first time? Is it the real you? Is it someone who you wish you […]

Of Lunch and Men

Lunch with friends is great place to work things out – especially if you’re not sure what to do next or how to go about finding a great […]

Where and Why Does a Relationship Begin? – #6 in the baby boomer’s guide to love

Why do relationships end? Why do they begin? Questions (and a few answers) about what might be going on in baby boomer […]

the baby boomer's guide to love

#5 in the continuing series of the baby boomer’s guide to love. This one is about the pain of memory. Memory is often a false friend. It requires a firm hand or it will turn you into a soggy […]

The Bloke's Part in the Game of Love - #4 in the baby boomers guide to finding love.

Most of us baby boomers still want to be in love, still want a companion and a best friend to share our days. Here are some tips that might help you find someone to love and be loved by. This one is mainly for blokes but women might find it helpful in clarifying what went wrong all the other […]

Begin As You Mean to Go On - #3 in the baby boomers guide to love

Why do our relationships break up? Why do so many boomers find themselves alone at a time when they want so much to share with someone? How do you finally find the right partner and be the right partner? No 3 in the series on baby boomer […]

The Price of Love is .......

As baby boomers we’ve had or seen a lot of relationships. We’ve had experience. Many of us are looking – again or still – for love. So what does it take to keep love? Here’s a thought […]

What is this terrible thing called love?

You’ve been in love. Did it last? Was it what you expected? Are you one of the rare happy ones? In this article I start to explore that terrible thing called love – its power and hopefully, eventually, its glory. As a baby boomer, where are you now in the love journey – alone? Searching? Over it […]