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Alles Lookenpeepers

We’re all lookenpeepers in this machine of life. Unlike the sign though, the invitation (by Life itself) is that we fingerpoken and mittengraben to our heart’s content (quite literally) and sptizensparken can be […]

The Meaning of Life 101 - Friends

Once a month, on the first Sunday of each month, a group of us baby boomers get together to play cards.  We play the same game every time, it’s called Phase 10 and you can buy it at K-Mart or wherever.  You can make the game as complex as you like – you can score, […]

World Environment Day in Boonah

Enjoying ourselves is what we do best. Here’s one enjoyable day I had […]

The Meaning of Life 101

What is the meaning and purpose of life? I think it’s really simple. We turn it into such an arduous task, when really it’s very, very simple – and oh so […]