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Can you regenerate connective tissue?

I’m a big believer in regeneration, even though conventional medicine says it can’t be done. My own goal for regeneration is for the cartilage between the hip joints. I need to do it quickly too because there’s only about 3 weeks to go before I have a hip […]

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has been used for all sorts of things – from illnesses to phobias to emotional trauma and as an aid to ‘reprogramming’ your mind so that you can achieve success or love or whatever you want. […]

Too Young to be this Old?

Ever thought you were too young to be this old? If stiffness and soreness is an issue for you, this post might get you started on the road back to health. Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases may well be given the heave ho with this […]

Belly Dancing is great exercise!

Belly dancing is great exercise to keep you flexible and extend your social […]