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Where the buses are.

See where I spend part of my day when I drive a bus. The holding bays! the underground tunnels! – photos that will delight and […]

More Secrets of a Boomer Tightwad

Here are a couple more ways for baby boomers to look after the pennies. More secrets of a […]

Buses, 4 wheel drives and ducks

Ducks crossing the road, a miracle of […]

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Being 62 is good. Driving a bus in the rain. Birthday cake of the creative […]

Focusing on rain – too much?

You get what you focus on. It’s a version of “be careful what you wish for ….. ” Have I wished for too much […]

Puddles and hand washing and saving the planet

Saving the planet can also be […]

Rain! Rain! Rain!

This lovely steady soaking rain makes the birds […]