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A solution for storing little things

Clutter not only makes your physical life more difficult than it should be (try finding your car keys in a hurry when you’re disorganised), but it can rattle your mind as well. Living with constant clutter can be very emotionally […]

Decluttering or Downsizing?

Sometimes it’s just because a lifetime of possessions seems overwhelming. Every cupboard and shelf is bursting with stuff. Every bookcase is overflowing, every china cabinet is crowded, every drawer is full of “things”, the pantry is an archive of ingredients, the kitchen cupboards full of crockery and cutlery rarely used. They probably have things that have never been used. They’ve been kept for “best” and in the process never been used at […]

Clearing Clutter for Baby Boomers

What does it mean if you have lots of clutter? Some rules for keeping it under […]