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More Still on Bush Turkeys

The biggest and most effective deterrent however is fencing. Turkeys can fly, but they don’t like to. They prefer to run and will only fly when really threatened. […]

The Secret to Deterring Bush Turkeys!

Want to get rid of bush turkeys? This may help. And it’s perfectly […]

More on bloody bush turkeys!

Lovely though they are, they are also destructive. And the hoohah about living with them and keeping your garden too is just that – hoohah. They’re a […]

Bloody Bush Turkeys – A Pest in the Garden

Bush turkeys are a hilarious bird, ungainly and ridiculous, but also a pest in the garden. They dig things up, leave holes in the lawn and make a mess. They’re also adaptable and breed like rabbits. Here are some tips to keep them out of your […]