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Snoring – a common Baby Boomer ailment

How embarrassing it is when some-one you have never met before but have spent the night with tells you that you snore.  Moi? Snore? Oh non, no.  I am talking about when you go on holiday with a tour and you have elected to share a room with a complete stranger because it is more fun than being on your own.  That sort of snoring is bad enough.

But what about when it is your spouse and they keep you awake, or at least keep waking you throughout the night.  Then in the morning you’re cranky and then you start getting depressed and putting on weight and all sorts of things happen to you physically and you’re thinking “but, but ….. I eat well, I’m healthy ….”.  And then it turns out that you’re sleep-deprived.  And not enough sleep leads to all sorts of other problems too, like lack of concentration,.  All because of the snorer in the room.

The next thing that happens is that you move into separate rooms.  And  from my personal experience (twice now) it’s all downhill from there.  Intimacy leaves and separation sneaks into the relationship.

So, that’s what it does to the relationship.  What does it do to the snorer?  Again, lack of proper sleep can affect your health in all sorts of ways because nothing in your body works very well when it is not properly rested.  If it’s not rested it is constantly under stress and working in survival mode.  As I said above, it can also affect your ability to concentrate.  Here is a cautionary (true) tale.

A fellow bus driver had two accidents fairly close together.  In the second accident (which should not have happened because conditions were good) he said that he “did not see” the car in front of him.  After this accident he started a round of medical practitioners/specialists who diagnosed a sleep problem.  He wasn’t getting enough and so, during the day, he was having micro naps.  These are very, very short lapses in consciousness, short enough that you can continue to function doing most things, but driving a vehicle is not one of them.

Now there are other reasons why you don’t get enough sleep, but in this instance I know snoring was a factor.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, because I have a book for you that might help.

This book will explore what snoring is, what causes snoring, and the various ways to help you stop and get a good night’s sleep.  The book will help you determine whether or not your snoring problem is a result of sleep apnea or another serious medically-related snoring condition.  It explains, in more detail than I have, the common risks associated with being or becoming a snorer, and help you decide when you should seek out the help of a physician.

I was quite impressed with this book which is why I’m telling you about it here.  It shows how snoring occurs (with diagrams) and explains the common causes.  It also explains the many remedies available to snorers and then goes on to give exercises and suggestions to reduce snoring.  It may help you to choose which method/s will help and perhaps will save you money by showing you those things offered on the market that won’t help but will cost you!

So, it’s worth having a look.

PS. Did you know that snoring is more common in men (roughly half of all men) than in women?  Yes, but did you know that about one third of women snore?  Hmmm, that means I could be one, or you.

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