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Am I the Only One

Yesterday at a flower show I met a woman and her daughter and we had an oddball conversation.
Somehow we very quickly go on to the subject of ‘things you never talk about’ – sometimes not even with your close friends, and very rarely with strangers.The Mother then said “you think you’re the only one”. And […]

Pushies are back!

This “new” bicycle trend is in part a response to the cost of fuel, the overcrowded streets and roads and concern for the health of the […]

Tina's Final Gift

Whether our lives were “big” or “small” we will all make that big leap between worlds and for a while at least I was reminded that I want to live my best life. It has reminded me of what’s important. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is so true. Enjoy the good stuff is so true – enjoy it and savour […]

Love after Love

And when I’m on the celestial transfer chariot I want to say “Thanks for the party, thanks for the great ride” and go happily. I do not want to grasp at each breath, hoping for one more because I didn’t really get the full benefit of the millions that went […]

Alles Lookenpeepers

We’re all lookenpeepers in this machine of life. Unlike the sign though, the invitation (by Life itself) is that we fingerpoken and mittengraben to our heart’s content (quite literally) and sptizensparken can be […]

Baby Boomer’s Guide to Love – I don’t want to be alone.

When that relationship ends for whatever reason we are left at 60 or so wondering what to do now. That’s where I’m at. Wondering if I want another relationship or not. […]

Learning, Learning – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Love

I really thought that after a couple of marriages, several relationships, much personal development, a healthy self image, a dose of confidence and the leavening of age that I could “get it right” this […]

The Rhythm of Retirement – Multicultural Festival

The multicultural festival held in my suburb every year is quite an event. and a gift to stay at home baby […]

The Rhythm of Retirement – Wanderlust

Ever wondered why that wanderlust kicks in as you near retirement? What is this dream of travelling the world or travelling […]

Mid Life Crisis - bah, humbug.

Life begins at 60! Maybe a little earlier or a little later, but around 60. Discover why […]