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Whale Watching and Volunteering!

How about volunteering to count whales and dolphins in Moreton […]

Letterboxes of SE Queensland

I did once get a wonderful letterbox built by last husband. It was a large farm house with a wide platform that was the farm yard. We covered the “yard” with astro turf and put a little fence around the whole lot. […]

Honesty and Shamelessness

Or is it the break down of one of society’s most precious and necessary principles – honesty and its close friend trust? We’ve learned not to believe advertising much, do we now have to learn not to trust each other when we’re face to […]

The Law of Attraction - Mumbo Jumbo?

Is the Law of Attraction mumbo jumbo? Read all about it and judge for […]

Baby Boomer and the Law of Attraction – words and thoughts

The Law of Attraction rules your life whether you know it or not. Make it work for you, rather than against […]

Baby Boomers and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a very useful Law to understand. You can use it for good, but you can’t hurt anyone (except yourself) with […]

The Rhythm of Retirement – Pumpkinalia

What will you do when you retire? Here’s a tongue in cheek […]

Danger! – Quick Chockie Fix

Sometimes you just need to sin. Here’s a quick way – and it’s not a crime either. 5 minute chocolate […]

The Pleasure of Friends

What a pleasure friends are. They bring dimension and texture to your life – and sometimes some surprising […]

Who Cares What You Think?

Who cares what you think? I hope you do. What you think influences how you operate in the world – your choice whether it’s good or […]