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Can you regenerate connective tissue?

I’m a big believer in regeneration, even though conventional medicine says it can’t be done. My own goal for regeneration is for the cartilage between the hip joints. I need to do it quickly too because there’s only about 3 weeks to go before I have a hip […]

What’s an Osteopath?

“Osteopathy is not an alternative health option – osteopaths are university trained, government registered, allied health professionals. Currently an osteopath undertakes a 5-year, University Masters degree to achieve registration in Australia.” […]

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT has been used for all sorts of things – from illnesses to phobias to emotional trauma and as an aid to ‘reprogramming’ your mind so that you can achieve success or love or whatever you want. […]

Ten out of Ten for TENS

However, I’m here to say that they are well worth it. To me, this little machine is a […]

The mind/body connection

We all know about the sugar hit we need when we feel depressed and so on. But what makes me depressed? Does the food I eat have anything to do with it? How do we get heart disease? Is it the thoughts we think or the food we eat? Which comes first? […]

Ick, Ick, I've got a Tick

I didn’t discover the tick until the next day, and that only by accident. I felt a funny sensation, a bit like a tingle or a little bite and when I went to feel it found what I thought was a scab. […]

Danger! – Quick Chockie Fix

Sometimes you just need to sin. Here’s a quick way – and it’s not a crime either. 5 minute chocolate […]

Mid Life Crisis - bah, humbug.

Life begins at 60! Maybe a little earlier or a little later, but around 60. Discover why […]

Baby Boomer Health - The Nutritionist

Another in the series on baby boomer health. This time a description of what a nutritionist […]

Baby Boomer Health -Why go to a Nutritionist?

When conventional medicine doesn’t cut it, what else is there? Here’s the first instalment of “What a nutritionist […]