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About the Writer.

I’m a baby boomer.  There are many issues facing me that I would like to explore.  I know from talking to friends that they would like to explore them too.  So we do – over dinner, over the phone, watching tv – which is a great source of “issues” to discuss.  We share magazines and articles and talk about conversations we’ve overhead that other baby boomers are having.  It gave me the idea to start a blog – because there are millions in our generation and we are facing things on a scale that no other generation has had to face.

Our issues are not new.  The scale is new, and the social mindset around us is new – and evolving, and evolving, and evolving – fast!

Issues like – when to retire, whether to retire, when we become the parents of our parents, when our children won’t talk to us, when our grandchildren move away, do we believe the doctor, do we get a second opinion, do we go down the “natural” path, how do we manage our superannuation, can we live on the pension, could I bear to have a new partner in my life, do I want a new partner in my life, is there an alternative to living together, what new ways are there to have a relationship, what do I need when I have a hip replacement ….  whew.

Back to me though.  I’m healthy, I’m a little bit fit, a little bit overweight, have grey hair, have been married twice, have some skeletal stiffness, don’t like exercise much, work 3 days a week, can’t quite afford to retire and am not quite old enough  anyway (only 61).

I have lots of friends, have led a very varied life, have a reasonable level of education and have always followed my own star – which is why I can’t quite afford to retire and why my mother tells people that she never knows what I’ll do next.  Neither do I know, but that’s what makes life exciting.

Oh yes, and I’m an Australian who loves Australia and feels so lucky and privileged to be here.  My family emigrated from Europe after the war, I was born overseas and I count my blessings often to live in this country.

I hope you’ll join me often, I’d enjoy your company (and your feedback and ideas).  And if you know someone who’d like to join us on this journey, I’d sure appreciate it if you would send them a link.

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