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Whale Watching and Volunteering!

One of the things Baby Boomers usually have plenty of is time.  Some of us find we have too much time on our hands, some of us get busier and busier and wonder how we ever had time to work.  But however we cut it, once we are retired 24/7 is ours.

There are weeks when I wonder how I am going to spend the rest of my life.  I imagine I have at least 20 years or so to go.  So how do I fill in each day from now until then?  Work was once the Great Divider of my time.  Five days for the boss, two days for me.  I planned everything I had to do around work, when to shop, how much time for family, how much for hobbies, do I pay someone to do the garden or do I take some time (from where?) and do it myself?

There are days and days when I wonder when I am going to have some time for myself!  I am caught in an endless whirl of paying bills, having lunch, wrangling with the insurance or the phone people, mowing the lawn, writing my blog, phoning friends, staying with people overnight, vacuuming the floor.  Phew!

I wrestle sometimes with the big question – what is the purpose of my life?  Now that I am retired, is there a purpose anymore or have I fulfilled it?  Or have I perhaps missed it altogether?  Is it too late?  Should I have been really good at something but I never discovered the talent?  Or worse still, I never developed it and now I have wasted my life?  I won’t deny that these things do plague me from time to time, but I have learned not to pay much attention to them anymore.

Nowadays I smile at myself a little indulgently and think “idiot, even if all that is true, what are you gonna do about it?  Move forward is the only option you’ve got.”

And so, with my inner best friend prodding me on, I get on with my life.  The questions remain however ..  what am I going to do with the rest of my life?  What am I able to do?  What can I afford to do?  How much risk am I willing to take?

Well, there are a heap of things I want to do and at present I am just adding things to my list.  By the way, have you seen the “Bucket List” film?  Quite a good jumping off point to think about these things if you need some help.

So,this is a long winded way of saying “here is something I discovered whilst browsing the internet and following leads (also a great way to spend the day)”.

How about volunteering to count whales and dolphins in Moreton Bay?

I love the sea, I have the time, this would be great!

Here’s the link.  You’ll see whales breaching and breathing and doing their courtship thing.  You’ll even hear a little whale calling.  I’m enchanted!  Hope you are too.

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