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Emotional Freedom Technique

As we baby boomers boom along through the 21st century many of us wonder about alternative medicine.  We’re getting some aches and pains, some ailments, some warts, some inflammation.  We all knew this was going to happen to us, but as the fortunate generation after the war and before junk food, we are amazingly healthy – and we thought we would

  • a) live forever,
  • b) never get sick.

My friend who is the same age as I am recently said to me with great surprise “I have high blood pressure, low vitamin D and cholesterol.”  She was outraged that this should happen to her.  She wears jeans to work, wonderful jewellery and acts as though she’s 35.  But she’s 63.  Who knew we would ever get to be 63?  And now she’s getting those things that we’ve traditionally associated with old age.  We just haven’t associated us with old age!  Q: “Who are these old people?” A: “Us!”

Most of our generation also seems to have a healthy disrespect for main stream medicine and a conviction that there must be some other way.  Hence the proliferation of new age therapies and remedies.  I’m skeptical about most of them too, but there are some that intrigue me.

Have you heard of  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?  It’s been around for a really long time now (15 years that I know of) and although it’s kinda weird, it makes perfect sense to me.

You may know it as “tapping”.  You may have seen people tapping their foreheads, under their eyes, their heart chakra, their collarbone and wondered “what the heck”?  Well, that’s probably what they were doing – EFT.

EFT has been used for all sorts of things – from illnesses to phobias to emotional trauma and as an aid to ‘reprogramming’ your mind so that you can achieve success or love or whatever you want.

Does it work?  I believe so.  However, there are just as many detractors.

The good thing about stuff like this is that it will definitely work for some people, because they believe that it will work, and belief is definitely the most important component in any healing or change we wish to bring about.  There is a school of thought that says allopathic medicine works because we believe it will, and naturopathy doesn’t work (at least not as well as allopathy) because we don’t really believe it will.  (I have reservations about that belief.)

Anyway, maybe EFT works because we believe it will.  Maybe it works on some deep level.  Maybe we could access those levels without tapping.  Maybe the tapping serves to focus our mind.  Maybe …. maybe …..  but hey, I think that whatever works is a good thing.  And for me, I believe that tapping works – so now I’ve come full circle with the belief thing.

I can’t really tell you much more than this because I don’t know much, but here is a great video that explains it all.

If you’re intrigued, here’s another place you can read about it.


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