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5 months later

Here it is 5 months after the flood – almost 6 months and still the gifts keep coming.

But on Sunday I was gifted with an amazing patchwork quilt. It was made by the women of Perth for the flood participants in Queensland. And one of them came to me. It is like a jewel in my loungeroom – I’ve got it draped over my recliner so that I can look at it’s glowing colours.

Today a man came to give me a quote for a new kitchen.  5 months later my kitchen has finally started to fall apart.  I thought it was going to be fine.  My friends who came to help clean up after the flood worked really hard to save it.  They dried it out and cleaned it and everything looked as though I’d gotten through unscathed!  Well, I haven’t.

But I’m probably getting a new kitchen!  What a gift.

I’ve never been really happy with the colour I painted the wall in the bedroom.  Now it’s flaking off.  It has to be repainted.  What a gift!

The tears I shed anywhere and everywhere?  It has made me softer as a person.  Knocked off some of the hard edges.  It has also brought me a kind team of people who are treating me with Bach Flower Remedies – free of charge.  Because the Bach Flower people have donated remedies for floodies.  What a gift!

A friend who is doing renovations in her house doesn’t need her cleaning lady for a couple of weeks.  So she’s come to me instead and cleaned mud out of crevices.  What a gift!  She’s an amazing woman too.  I was glad to have met her.  Another gift!

What a lot of gifts I’ve had since the flood.  These are just the latest round.  There’ll be more I’m sure.  I’m hoping for some funding for all of the above from the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund.  That would be a gift too!  I’ll keep you posted.

Look at these lovely colours.

Look at these lovely colours.

The colours glow.

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