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Ultrasound Fat Removal – Double Chin Gone?

How would like the fat vapourised from your waist hips and thighs?  Apparently it can happen with the wave of an ultrasound wand – it only takes 30 -90 minutes to make you slimmer – with 6 -10 treatments giving best results.  They say they can remove love handles, saddle bags, double chin.

This happens in a salon! No need for the surgeon’s knife.  No need for recovery times, hospitals, stitches or blood.

So what is it?  How does it happen?  Can we trust it?  It happens with ultrasound that is finely focused and targets fat cells, breaking them down without affecting surrounding tissues and blood cells.

The US FDA haven’t approved it yet, but there have been clinical trials and it appears to be safe.  The long term side effects are not yet known, but in the short term it does appear to reduce waist measurements.  The technique doesn’t result in a loss of weight and it isn’t suitable for the obese, but it does seem to reduce pockets of fat and cellulite.

The gadget is distributed in Australia and the operations manager for the company says it is effective in liquefying fat.

But where does the liquefied fat go?  This is a little vague and if you are thinking of having this treatment it is worth asking.  Apparently the body doesn’t excrete fat and there may be a risk that it could lead to increased levels of triglycerides – which isn’t a good thing.

I am telling you this because I thought you might like to know, not because I am recommending the product or because I know anything about it.  The thing that I most regret about getting older is that I no longer have a chin.  I hate the chin/neck conglomerate.  It seems to be a thing that happens as you get older.  Not to all of us, but to many.  If I can have my chin back I would be a happy woman.  And if I can do it without surgery, bruises and convalescence so much the better.

I have tried exercises but with no result.  I have tried wishing it away, with the same (no) result.  It seems outside intervention is the only thing.  If you’ve something that works, let me know.  If you’ve had the treatment, let us all know.  And if I decide to have it, I’ll let you know.

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